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RISE Women's Summit Conference
on March 30/2023 was a success!

Our first RISE Conference was an incredible experience; we had insightful presentations, with fascinating and engaging panel discussions. We hope that our attendees found the sessions informative and valuable and that the event provided networking opportunities and fostered new partnerships.

As an introduction to our Shadow a Chief Program, we were conducting Chat with a Chief

Attendees of the RISE Conference had an opportunity to win an exclusive one-to-one, virtual or in-person, hour with local or national female leaders. This is an exclusive time to have a conversation, learn, and draw from the insightful experiences and perspectives of women in Chief leadership roles.

We are honored to present the winners of this edition of Chat  with A Chief:

Rise_presentationChat with a Chief_1_for (Presentation (169)).jpg

Valeria Aloe - Keynote Speaker

We thank Valeria for sharing powerful insights on how Latinas and women of color can transform limiting cultural narratives to grow into new spaces of leadership and influence. 

If you would like to purchase your copy of
"Uncolonized Latinas. Transforming Our Mindsets And Rising Together" 

Click the link below:

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