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Her Mentor-Ship

Her Mentor-Ship is a community impact project. Our focus is to mentor and provide guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to underrepresented Latina and BIPOC high school girls and women.


Our partnership platform provides the tools and training to develop senior high school girls and women to encourage them to take on strategic assignments and projects, to create upward momentum in their careers and a positive impact within the organizations they serve and future organization they will serve. 


When we leverage their strengths and develop their capabilities it creates positive results that shape the entire organization and community.  


Our partner platform provides guidance and guidelines for measurable outcomes:

  • Mentor Matching and Paring

  • Structure

  • Mentor-mentee training, soft skills, and professional skills training

  • Facilitation – guided experience to provide agendas for mentoring sessions

  • Tracking and Reporting

  • Host virtual monthly meetups and workshops

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Professional Makeup

Her Boutique

Her Boutique receives gently used professional clothing to provide senior high school girls and women with outfits for interviews and clothing for a professional work environment. 


Volunteers assist with outfits, color coordinating, make up etc. to boost their self-confidence.

First Impressions

The First Impressions Program assists senior high school girls and women to apply for and interview for jobs.  The resume is the most important first impression when applying for a job.  With the help of our volunteers, members will receive one-on-one guidance to write their resume. 


Members will also participate in mock interviews to prepare them to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies and improve their communication skills.

Job posts and opportunities posted on our website assist with the job search opportunities.


The First Impressions Program also provides resources for childcare.


Money Management Center

 The Money Management Center is committed to  helping young girls and women enhance their financial skills. We understand how important it is for individuals to know how to manage their finances.

Finances are the foundation of our being. At least 77% of American households have at least some type of debt, but the average American debt in the U.S. is approximately $58,604 per individual. Financial education should begin early. How prosperous would the U.S. economy be if financial education were taught in the schools as a core subject?

Our volunteers are dedicated to providing workshops and tools needed to help senior high school young girls and women with their money management. Topics include budgeting, controlling debt, credit reports, saving and investing, paying for college and identity theft.

Chat With A Chief

The Chat with Chief Program provides a

remarkable opportunity for girls and women to engage in one-on-one conversations women in C-Suite positions.


Through this program, participants connect, share insights, and gain a wealth of wisdom from their Chief experience.

Attendees have an opportunity to win an exclusive one-to-one, virtual or in-person, hour with local or national female leaders.


This is an exclusive time to have a conversation, learn, and draw from the insightful experiences and perspectives of women in Chief leadership roles.

Business Meeting
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