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This year’s ¡Si Se Puede! Event theme is: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” As we reflect on who we are, where come from, and where we are going, it is imperative that we honor the legacy of those who came before us. We are descendants of #resilient ancestors who faced countless challenges, language barriers, economic disparities, lack of resources, and injustices. They paved the road with #determination, #persistence, and #focus and embodied the hope of the #americandream  - that their hard work would ultimately pay off and each successive generation will progress and be better than the next.


“Es nuesta hora, we stand mano a mano with the strength of those who came before us – rising beyond limits, creating a profound impact on our Nation” -Cynthia Boyar Trejo 


This year’s Speaker is Richard Montañez  - Businessman, Motivational Speaker, and Author. Richard’s story is featured in the newly released movie Flamin’ Hot directed by Eva Longoria. 


This inspiring movie tells the story of how Richard channeled his Mexican American #heritage into the creation of one of the most popular and beloved snacks in the world. Richard #broke barriers and defied the odds, from humble beginnings growing up in a migrant labor camp in Southern California and living in a one-bedroom apartment with his parents and 10 siblings to mopping floors as a janitor, then rising to an executive of PepsiCo North America. 


Now retired, Richard shares his story of unyielding commitment to personal growth, leading with compassion, innovation, and a profound understanding of the value of every individual within an organization.

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